Godzilla Smoothie


Godzilla Smoothie

For the past year, my life has been extremely hectic.  Long hours at work with very little time off.  In order to get things done in an efficient and effective manner, I have had to step up my game in the multitasking department.  It’s not that I wanted to do it but, had to.  Picture this…  Imagine a woman sitting at her kitchen table every morning before the sun is up and the neighborhood is awake.  She has a hot cup of coffee in the left hand, a newspaper in the right, her laptop is open to the day’s emails, a tube of black mascara is on one side and shiny lip gloss on the other.  Oh, and there’s a bright orange cat in her lap demanding attention and a lively white terrier with his paws on the side of her chair wanting to play ball.  That woman you just imagined is me.  I do that nearly every day in a span of about thirty minutes.  After the half hour is over, there’s nothing but a vapor trail between my home and the office.


I have to admit that I never had an energy drink until about a month ago.  One day, on my way to work, I stopped at my favorite coffee stand.  I was not in the mood for my usual triple shot nonfat vanilla latte over ice.  I wanted something different.  It had to be ice cold, slightly sweet but with a “generous” dose of caffeine.  As the barista suggested, I purchased a smoothie blended with a Red Bull.  Pros: It tasted really good.  It filled me up and gave me that big energy boost that I was looking for.  Con:  It was five bucks including the tip.  After that, I knew that I could make my own smoothie with an energy drink.  The very next day the Godzilla Smoothie was born.


My Godzilla Smoothie is all that I wanted my new smoothie to be.  Ice cold, slightly sweet, and highly caffeinated.  It’s made with spinach, mango, a splash of mango juice and a can of Red Bull…  It does have healthy elements such as nutrient rich spinach and mangoes.  Yet, it has the lively pick me up of an energy drink.  It tastes great and certainly does the trick when time is at a premium.  I must say, drinking my Godzilla Smoothie is multitasking at its finest.  Enjoy!  Tessa


  • 1 cup frozen mango chunks
  • 1/4 cup frozen spinach
  • splash of mango juice (to taste)
  • 1 8.4 ounce can of Red Bull

Add all ingredients to a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Serve immediately.  Makes one Godzilla Smoothie.

***Note:  This beverage should be consumed in moderation.  It’s not for everyone.  Be sure to read the label.  Energy drinks are not for children, pregnant women or people who are sensitive to caffeine.


36 thoughts on “Godzilla Smoothie

  1. skoraq cooks

    Woooow, Tessa, I have never thought that a smothie can be made from red bull. Absolutely fantastic idea and next time I’ll need some caffeine in my blood I’m so going to try your godzilla smoothie. Great name for the smothie by the way ;-)

    1. Tessa

      What’s interesting about the smoothie is that you don’t really notice the spinach flavor… The mangoes and the red bull are the predominant flavors while the spinach gives it a gorgeous green color. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled all those ingredients together.

    1. Tessa

      Hey Pamela! I could not have an opinion until I tried one. I think that energy drinks can be dangerous if over-consumed and that should only be used in moderation. Energy drinks do what they say they are going to do. Adding the spinach and mango makes the thought of drinking one much more justifiable :).

  2. candidshot2000

    Before I will go to your smoothie, I think you need extra hand to make you hold of your stuff. You are indeed a multi tasker.

    When opened you page, I was met by that Godzilla figure you got there. It terrified me. And the figure holding the straw was just funny and cute. I will be trying your smoothie soon. Thanks.

  3. mjskit

    You’re so funny! First of all, the name got me smiling, but then when I saw the last picture I burst out laughing! HA! I still have never had an energy drink. I think I’m afraid of that much caffeine. There was a time when I probably could have handled it, but 5.5 years ago I switched from coffee to tea and now just a cup of coffee gives me the jitters. :) I’m sure this smoothie tastes wonderful with all that mango and spinach, but the red bull would have me outside washing the windows. :)

    1. Tessa

      Thank you MJ! I never thought that I would ever drink an energy drink… Ever. I’m one of those people who prefer it to be organic, free range, local, and natural. At least the spinach and mango was organic. However, I did get a stern lecture from my son on the perils of energy drinks. Cracked me up. Obviously, he was taught well!

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